Ann Harris Rentals is one of the most trusted companies providing housing for students at Ohio University. Located on one site at 89 Mill Street and Putnam Drive adjacent to OU, there are two units suitable for 3 to 4 occupants in each and one house suitable for 7 to 8 occupants. Free parking spaces are provided for all occupants. At Ann Harris Rentals, a highly skilled maintenance team insures the comfort and safety of all tenants. As owner, I provide direct personal management. All units are refreshed and upgraded regularly. You can discuss all details with the owner without any intermediary agents.

Why Choose Us?

Ann Harris Rentals has been operating since 1989. Meeting your needs and comfort are a top priority. This is the site on which  the famous "Littlest House on Mill Street" stands and is maintained for historical reasons. Not suitable for occupants it stands as a reminder of OU's great history.  Our buildings have been updated to provide 21st Century comfort!

Contact Ann Harris at (614) 893-5288 or at annharris@columbus.rr.com.  Enjoy our green-space between the two buildings. Walk to class and leave your cars and bikes safely where you live!

Our business hours are 8:00 to 8:00 seven days/week.